Honeybear’s Fantasy

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Honeybear’s Fantasy is a horror game that brings you to an old store. This store never closes, and they have a food service for people. Some machines will chill you up while you have your meal. But that is what they said to you. The truth will be in this game. You must play to find out all the mysteries of this place and answer the question. Why did they shut down these businesses?

Honeybear's Fantasy
Honeybear’s Fantasy

You are the night guard of this place. Your job is to make sure the nights of this place are fine. If there is anything wrong, you must report to the manager, but he will never answer you immediately. You are on your own!

There will be a lot of things you need to make clear in this FNAF fan-game. We will hide some details in the game to solve this case faster, but players need to be focused. Honeybear’s Fantasy Free Download is ready to run for you. Players can have this game for free and more games like this will be updated soon.


By: Printy @Printy

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Honeybear’s Fantasy


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