Honeybear’s Fantasy Legacy Edition

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Honeybear’s Fantasy Legacy Edition – This name brings the player a comfortable feeling though you even have not downloaded it yet. It is not random that the developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s called it in a sweet name.

Honeybear’s Fantasy Legacy Edition

Because this game is not as scary as other versions, so it is suitable for those who like the more gentle topic to download Honeybear’s Fantasy Legacy Edition. Besides, the rule is also simpler and easier.

You still play a role as a security guard who has to observe the camera carefully from midnight to 6 AM and check the animatronics, whether it is in the wrong places. This time, you have to protect the jars of honey from the restaurants.

Because it is the target of the animatronics, who love the sweet flavors of honey and try all the ways to get through the entrance, find the jars, and steal it all. In an urgent situation, you have to fight and survive. The naughty and starving will not make mutual concessions.

One thing you should remember is that you will not only fight against in the animatronics but also control the temperature and power of all the rooms properly. They are two essential elements to decide whether you are a winner or loser.

In a more relaxed world of sweet flavor, will you still a right and responsible security guard? Click to the below button and download Honeybear’s Fantasy Legacy Edition free for your computer to find the answer.

Good luck!


by: Mechlus @Mechlus

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Honeybear’s Fantasy Legacy Edition

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