Golden Freddy’s Debauchery Simulator 1986 is a role-playing game based on Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. It’s free to download and play!

Golden Freddy’s Debauchery Simulator 1986

It is only a fan game for Five Night’s at F—Boy’s, not a game by the original creators.


After the incidents of FNAFB3, Golden Freddy and Springtrap are dead. They went to the Frooby Zone.

It’s the place where these robots can play board and card games. However, that cannot make them happy.

Therefore, Golden Freddy decides to revive. He must be sent back to a year that his existence could strike the timeline, 1986.

He will stay in a new and upgraded restaurant, Freddy’s Fazbear’s Fine Dining and Pizza. He can carry out his plan, then.

Join Golden Freddy’s Debauchery Simulator 1986 a free download FNAF fan-made game and give him a hand? You should consider every decision carefully.


by: RegretTourmaline @RegretTourmaline