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Glimmering-Nights is another horror fan creation based on FNAF. It takes you to a place full of mysteries, darkness, and creepy things.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza was a famous restaurant for children and adults. The place used to be chosen by lots of kids. Nevertheless, there was something mysterious happening to the restaurant, causing it to become nothing. Nobody still remembers it! Now, their interests are for the new facility!

All the animatronics, as well as everything from the old place, are taken to the new facility which is called Afton’s Workshop. The place quickly becomes an entertaining place for children due to the great performances of animatronics. However, they have no idea about how dangerous it is at night!

After a few weeks passing by ever since the restaurant was opened to the public, the owner has hired you as a night watchman. Your mission is to keep the place safe and keep an eye on animatronics. They seem to be active at night. Due to their aggressive personality, they will tease you a lot. The objective of this title is like other FNAF fan games, which is that you have to survive it all.

Glimmering-Nights on PC is the last chapter of the Afton’s Workshop series. It took inspiration from Five Nights at Freddy’s series by Scott Cawthon.


by: Dr. Cross @Dr-Cross

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