Fun Times at Homer’s 2

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Fun Times at Homer’s 2 will bring you the fear that you have never tried before. This game is free, but you need to make sure your PC can run this game. It’s new, so you also need a new Window to run it. We will try to bring this horror game to your mobile as fast as we can.

Fun Times at Homer's 2
Fun Times at Homer’s 2

If you are a fan of the cartoon series named Homer Simpson, you will know some characters in this game. But they have been changed to give players more fear and more fun. It would be best if you solved why they changed into machine monsters and how to win them. Or you may die in the worst way.

We will give you FNAF games on our page. You can get them for free like this game, and also, they will be updated. Players can join the discord channel for more tips and help.

Fun Times at Homer’s 2 download is ready to run for your PC.


By: Nick Person @NickolasPerson

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Fun Times at Homer’s 2


Fun Times Homer's 2