Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights (Paused)

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Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights (Paused) is the new and only horror game that has that much more for you. In this game, you can choose your fear and which monsters will be in your game. In this horror game, you can play each night from first, second, to last night. Every night always comes with different monsters so the player can see the description to repair what is coming.

Freddy's Rewritten: Haunted Nights (Paused) Download Free

In this game, you can choose a custom night or the endless night. It means you can play as long as you want and save your game for later play. But this game will also change some details when you come back, such as character and another background.

Fan games about the FNAF are very boring to other players who like horror games. And this one will be unique because it has so much mode for the player. But it also comes with large disk use. You will need 1GB to have this game on your PC.

Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights (Paused) Free Download is ready and runs like the wind for players!


By: Fox Golden Heart @FoxGoldenHeart

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Freddy’s Rewritten: Haunted Nights (Paused)


Freddy's Rewritten Haunted Nights