FNaF World Simulator

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FNaF World Simulator Download Free For PC is a fun game opening a new world for animatronics. You will fight against Freddy again!

FNaF World Simulator Download for PC

What is the game about?

The title above took inspiration from FNaF World created by Scott Cawthon. It is such an amazing fan-made game giving players a new experience. The game is set in a new world called Animatronica ruled by animatronics. Therefore, you will improve the default FNaF experience if you decide to try this fan game.

The world Animatronica is in danger after Freddy has taken his new powers. He has finished the game and then he obtained that unfair amount of power. His purpose is to dominate the world as well as kill all enemies left. Now, the group of enemies must do something to stop Freddy before they get killed by him. You are here to give them a hand! You must help the enemies beat Freddy using exclusive abilities.

What does FNaF World Simulator feature?

This fan-made title brings a wide range of cool features, for instance:

  • There are more than 60 characters for you to choose from and play as.
  • All characters are taken from the original FNaF World. So, you will find it very familiar to play with them.
  • You will encounter all the old animatronics and enemies in a new battle with a new perspective.
  • There are plenty of worlds full of challenges for you to explore. You make your way through those worlds finding

Chips as well as nice equipment.

  • There are also various new game modes for you to play.

Have fun with FNaF World Simulator on PC!


by: CrashKandicoot @CrashKandicoot

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FNaF World Simulator


FNaF World Simulator