Five Nights With PJ

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Five Nights With PJ is a free and new horror Fnaf fangame. Quickly download the released version and experience 5 nights at a haunted place!


You are going to travel through a different spooky location. It is the house of the funny and caring YouTuber PJ. While moving around, you spot something terrible and not right.

PJ has been working at the local Burger King. However, he continuously feels stressed hours and he has wrong actions.

He often comes home late and lets chores get piled up. Everything around him is not fine.

In fact, he needs your help to survive five long terrifying nights in a house. It’s occupied by some scary creatures.

They are some of your favorite characters. You must end that madness once and forever.

With your abilities and the support of a few simple tools, you are able to ward off those faces. But, it’s not easy to escape from them unless you stay alive until 6 AM.

Five Nights With PJ is a free download game that is available for you to enjoy. Just access the playfield and you can prove your skills easily. Are you willing to give him a hand now?


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Five Nights With PJ