Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrate

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Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated Free Download is a simple mini sound game. This Five Nights at Freddy’s game will take you about half an hour to complete.

Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated is now open for you. The game will allow you to download it from the main page. And there will be no reason for you not to download it.

Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrated

The game will ask you to become a nightguard. And your job in this game will be to watch over the old toy store. There will be some old toy trains kept in this place.

They are valuable, so you need to keep your eyes on them all the time. You will need to stay focused, or there will be some bad things that happen to you.

Five Nights at Freddy’s

This game gives you five nights to explore the place. After that, there will be some monsters coming to you. And it would be best if you fought with them.

These monsters will look like a train, and the boss will name Thomas. That will also be the one who you need to fight with when the final night comes.

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Five Nights at Thomas’s: Dehydrate

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