Five Nights at Sonic’s: Maniac Mania MINUS (DEMO) is one of the versions most anticipated by FNaF fan games from early 2020 to now. This version will provide players with all the favorite characters voted by players stretching from the 6 FNaS Game. Moreover, each character’s power has been customized up to 50, allowing players to mess up the world or do the desired things. A lot of matches can happen in the night which is considered a nightmare in the original game.

Five Nights at Sonic's: Maniac Mania MINUS (DEMO) Free Download
Five Nights at Sonic’s: Maniac Mania MINUS (DEMO) Free Download

Basic information

  • Age rating: Teen
  • Creator: SmilerFurcifer
  • Release date: 1/2/2020

So, what are the improved characters?

  • Sonic – will start at the show stage and will reach the player’s office through one of the two doors. Please always pay attention to flash to know the appearance of this character. If so, hurry up Sonic to shut down and convince him.
  • Clone Feel / Clone Ray / Swap! Sonic – Sonic skins will also be available.
  • Luigi (FNaS 4) – the player’s character has improved graphics.
  • Lefty Sonic – shop owner has a variety of jewelry or costumes for characters.

There are many characters waiting for users to discover. Quickly search and download the Five Nights at Sonic’s: Maniac Mania MINUS (DEMO) version for your device.


By: SmilerFurcifer @PyroRapidFox

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