The story of this horror game begins with Luigi escaping. He runs out of this place and leaves the clones behind. Clones start to try to rebuild, and machines call Clone mMachines. Not long after, they have completed the device that they want. But it does not operate as planned when Dr.Golden comes and stops them. Machines are broken and make them change into monsters with many forms.

Five Nights At Sonic's 4 Chain-Reaction Free Download
Five Nights At Sonic’s 4 Chain-Reaction Free Download

Five Nights at Freddy’s make this story to explain the gameplay for the player. Luigi also has been captured again, and the threat you have to face now are those clones. They are trapped in a room that you have to stay in for five nights. It is not easy to deal with them, especially if they don’t have any form. They can appear in any place and any time they want!

Five Nights At Sonic’s 4 Chain-Reaction Free Download for PC player. You can play this with your friend and make a big challenge who will solve the problem first. Good luck and see you in Sonic’s Chain Reaction!


By: Bread_Animations @Breadz

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