Five Nights at Sonic’s 4: Alternate Edition Free Download is now fully open for your download. This game will bring you a whole new Five Nights at Freddy’s version.

Five Nights at Sonic’s 4: Alternate Edition is a game for players who like nightmares. The nightmare you have to face might be what you dream about when you are a kid.

The game will lead you on a trip to the Sonic Coffee store. This will be where machines serve you. And they will follow the game name Sonic to make their machines.

There will be some things you need to know when entering this store. Never look the robot in the eyes!

Five Nights at Sonic’s 4: Alternate Edition

Give you one more reason why the remake of Sonic for horror games has been so popular. The game will send you on a five-night trip.

You need to stay and play in this place to find your way out. FNaS fan-game is where you can find this game.

Five Nights at Freddy’s:

The base of this game will be five-night play, many monsters, and one flashlight. You only have an office to hide and some cams to watch. Use them to win this game!


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