Five Nights at Kalster’s

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Five Nights at Kalster’s Free Download will challenge you to kill all their monsters. This version will not end if you haven’t killed the Five Nights at Kalster’s machines yet.

Five Nights at Kalster’s for PC is about to bring the biggest fear to your game. This time, you will have more chances to meet the final boss. The other night will be easy so that you can get to the last night faster.

Along with this version will be some new modes for you to try. And we will show you anything you need to know in this post.

Five Nights at Kalster’s mode:

Endless mode will be the harder one you need to play. In this mode, you will keep running into some monsters. And they will find you wherever you are.

The custom mode will be better with all the monsters and playgrounds you can pick. Some monsters are still not complete yet.

Fnaf fan games new features:

  • We bring you some mini-games that you can take part in to design the main gameplay. There are some mini prizes you can get from this too.
  • There will be two ends for you each night. But it would help if you found out how to end first.


by: GhostGamesX @GhostGamesX

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Five Nights at Kalster’s

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