Five Nightmares Director’s Cut

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Five Nightmares Director’s Cut free download (Version 1.8) will give you fantasy gameplay. The FNAF Fan game world will be full of missions and tasks to do.

Five Nightmares Director’s Cut

About Five Nightmares Director’s Cut

Five Nightmares Director’s Cut free download is more than a horror game. We will send you all the needed information about this game right now:

  • The custom mod will be a big chance for you to challenge all the monsters you want to meet. There will be some tasks you have to complete in this mod if you’re going to win it.
  • You can use the Diamond that you earn in this game and buy things in the store. This will be an excellent place for you to have amazing, fun stuff.
  • Five Nightmares Director’s Cut (Version 1.8) will add some new mini-games for you. When you play them, you will learn some tricks to kill the machine’s monsters.
  • Make sure you keep your eyes on Convoy. This is where you get your Gold and Diamond.

There will be some more things we want to show you in this new game. Enjoy the fear and leave FNAF game comments in the box below. See you in the dark, players!


by: Team-Nightmare-DX @Team-Nightmare-DX

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Five Nightmares Director’s Cut

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