Fazbear Tycoon

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Fazbear Tycoon free download is a game for Pc users, and in this game, you will have to save yourself before some creature. The story of this one is not different from can other game, but players have to be more careful. All monsters and demons in the past game FNAF are in this one. They are angry that people abandoned them in this place for so long. They are hungry and thirst for your blood.

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Unfortunately, you are about to be the manager of this place, and your job is at night. It would be best if you watched for anyone who comes to this place to steal some valuable things. But that is only what the owner of this place told you. The truth is a bit different from this.

You have to face monsters, and they are machine puppets. They used to serve the restaurant and are now abandoned in dirt.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is the best game for anyone who likes horror and nightmare. This game will be free for you, on Pc and Mobile ether.

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By: Undead_Army1987 @Undead_Army1987

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Fazbear Tycoon


Fazbear Tycoon