FAZBEAR FANVERSE: THE SALVAGE Free Download is now open for you. All you need to do in this game will be download machines for it. They are from Fnaf fan games!

FAZBEAR FANVERSE: THE SALVAGE Download will be fun when you fight alone. The other players can join you in online mode. But this game is not that much fun for you to share with others.

In this game, you will need to get into Fazbear Entertainment. This is where all your nightmares come and go. You better get the story before starting this game. Some info might help you in the story.


We don’t have mods for you to join in this game. All we have will be some bugs fixed and also some game changes.

This game will allow you to get rid of the coin cheat mode. This is where players can have free coins for their updates.

The old machines have some trouble with their appearance. And we have fixed them all, so there will be no more bugs in this game.

Cindy has been fixed, and you can join him on the first night. These machines will bring you a lot of twists and challenges.

Fnaf fan games will bring you this one for free!


by: DraynHDev ツ @TheDraynOfficial