Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest

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Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest is a free download role-playing game inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Connect to the battle and help the main character kick off his rivals!

Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest

It is a creation by a team of some people.


The 90’s endoskeleton is angry when Freddy and Co. left him for a vacation. Therefore, he wants to demolish them in a strange way.

Key features

  • Scary skeletons
  • 4 locations
  • 4 acts
  • Countless new opponents
  • Numerous collections
  • A skeleton chair
  • And more

Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest: Silver

It will be the version that you can get and experience at the moment. Each stage will give the question and you should find out the best answer or option so you can progress.

Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest is a free-to-download RPG FNAF fan-made game. Enter the local vintage pizza restaurant and meet up with your enemy to defeat them as soon as possible!


by: Sonic42303 @Sonic42303

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Endoskeleton’s Debauchery Quest

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