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Eddie And The Misfits is the fan-made horror game that is made inspired by the horror FNAF horror game series. This version of the game is played on PCs and can be download for free on our site.

Eddie and the Misfits

Eddie And The Misfits is a semi free-roam game, which means that you can move to many places on the map for solving different puzzles. However, when getting approached by any animatronics, you won’t be able to run away from them like in free-roam games.

The game features many new animatronic characters that cannot be found in the original game series. They include:

  • Eddie: a bear-like animatronic character that only shows its face
  • Mousetrap: a mouse-like character
  • Topsy: a clown that is super scary
  • Lucky cat: a cat that can turn anyone into robots.

Eddie And The Misfits has its own awesome soundtrack that will scare you out just by hearing it. Your mission in this game is to try your best to survive for many nights against the animatronics. They will walk around the map and try to catch and kill anyone they see.

Your main task is to solve puzzles using the given clues that you will get during the night. Simply use your mouse for interacting.


by: Ramenov @Ramenov

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Eddie and the Misfits GameJolt

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