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Darktimes Free Download includes advanced features and a new scary adventure. You come to a warehouse to solve the mystery.

Similar to other FNAF fan games, this title also bears a similar horror vibe to the original series. The game is set in Fazbear Entertainment Warehouse. The owner of the place is in need of some late night watchmen who have to guard the place while sitting in tight office space. The shift starts from 12 AM to 6 AM. All workers are required to have a Degree in Engineering. You play as a new worker named Lewis Robinson and you have five nights to work here. Your task is quite simple. You just sit and watch over the warehouse to make sure it is safe. However, the animatronics of this place start roaming. So, you must also defend yourself from them. As you play, you have to defeat the animatronics as well as find out the secrets of the past of William Afton.

Darktimes for PC features some playable nights, a custom night, some common animatronics to defeat, extras menu, and voice acting.


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