Dark curse: Deep Madness is a game containing a lot of fear and a thriller screen. In this game, you have to find a machine that has the body of an animal puppet. They were made to service humans, but they turn crazy and start hurting people.

DARK CURSE: Deep Madness Free Download
DARK CURSE: Deep Madness Free Download

This game belongs to the horror game series from Five Nights at Freddy’s. In this series, you have to find out what happened to the other night guards who have been hired before.

Dark curse: Deep Madness download is free, and you can play this game on Pc or Mobile, depending on you. There is also much animatronics you need to know because each one has its habit. They walk in a very unusual way and speak out unclear words.

All these puppets try to hurt people who enter their place without asking. It would be best if you made sure that every camera works. Cause that is the only way to have you watch out for danger. Just one second the off guard, you may lose your only life. Don’t wait for your time, player!


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