Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL

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Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL is one of these games you can find on the internet. The playstyle will be slightly different, but you always need a good solution for any question in this game. Or the last thing you see and know is scream and darkness.

Circus Baby's Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL
Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL

This game has brought a lot of fear to all players who like horror games. And now it will bring fear to you.

FNAF games are all fun games that belong to the horror category. These games have been made by fans who like FNAF so much that they decide to make their own game. You can see that all these games are about the story of a restaurant, an old house, or a factory. The commend point of them is monsters come from hell and live in machine shells. They move and take like no normal things in this world—all they want to kill and to make people bleed.

At last, Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL Free Download is open for you. This is a main part of the game, so many things you see in it are the main feature.


By: Delta Development @ObsoleteJames

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Circus Baby’s Diner: SOURCE-CONTROL


Circus Baby's Diner SOURCE-CONTROL