Chica Simulator

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The Chica Simulator is created by the third party, not the author of the series Five Nights of Freddy’s. It is inspired by the Egroce’s Bonnie Simulator. This game provides the service that you can play free on online mode and in the ROBLOX game. It will give you the tips to trick, to cheat and walkthrough and everything else. Can you realize that? It is a strategy game.

Chica Simulator

As this is the strategy game, it is not easy to understand all the tricks and cheats of this game if you just read, sometimes it even makes everything harder. Therefore, it has tons of collections of Five Nights at Freddy’s Chica Simulator videos so that you can follow step by step.


  • A lot of stuff is waiting for you to unlock.
  • It has 4 difficulties
  • You will play 2 unique mini-games
  • There are 6 usable items
  • You will see 7 chicas

In any game, no matter it is hard or easy, the players should know some tips to easily getting through the levels. Now click the ‘Download’ button, then you can experience the great features of Chica Simulator Free.

We hope you will find free-trouble when downloading this Chica Simulator.

Good luck!


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Chica Simulator

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