CHAOS Custom Night

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CHAOS Custom Night is a horror strategy fan game of Five Nights at Freddy’s. Fight against evil animatronics and attempt to escape their jumps for survival!

CHAOS Custom Night Free

It talks about a nightmare that is in the making. It will follow you until you find the way out.


It’s similar to the original Custom Night in FNAF games by Scott Cawthon. It has introduced the ultimate mix of animatronics and mechanics. Both of them will create a playfield where you can customize its materials.

It’s easy to finish a new office, release a strange map, adjust over 25 cameras, and manage a multi-function control panel.


You are trapped in a dark place. In order to flee from the nightmare, it’s essential to prevent robotic characters from catching you.

If you survive until 6 AM, you will win.

There are 140 enemies and they will try to hunt you down or simply distract you.

You’d better master tools and devices and avoid making power run out too soon.

Others challenges

Once you stay alive, you will encounter another mission.

You can freely roam to reach the exit before it burns down.

You will face something scary.

CHAOS Custom Night is a free FNAF fan-made game. Download, reset the AI, join, and perform your abilities!


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CHAOS Custom Night

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