Bubba’s Diner

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Bubba’s Diner (Non-glitchy version) is a fan-made horror game that is made inspired by the FNAF horror game series. It is fun to play with and is available for free download here on or website.

Bubba’s Diner is a restaurant for families, where features the animatronics name Bubba, a puppet that has the appearance of a bear, and Mr.Giggle resembling a Rabbit. At the end of the game, you will be able to find Bubtrap, broken animatronics that is hidden deep under the storage of the restaurant.

You will be playing as a handyman named Edward Clark, who is in his duty fixing the restaurant furniture for 5 nights. During those nights, you will be able to discover the mysterious events, which cause the animatronics to walk at night by themselves. They are very hostile and will attack anyone they can find.

Your mission on those nights is to solve many puzzles mini-games, which allows you to fix the broken furniture. You also need to use the features of the restaurants to help you survive at night like doors and switches.

There will be no camera for you to use in Bubba’s Diner, instead, you will get help from a character called the phone guy.


by: FreakyGames @FreakyGames

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Bubba’s Diner

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