Bonnie Simulator by Egroce

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Bonnie Simulator is the new horror game from our page, and fans have made this game. Players can see a lot of detail has been taken from the original game to this one. We also support offline players, so you run this game without any internet connection. This is a light version, so you don’t need a good PC to run it.

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The Five Nights at Freddy’s series is all about some monsters trying to steal the human body. They live in a machine shell, so they want a human shell to walk among people. Unluckily you are the one who runs into their plan, and there is not much time for you to think. This game is a demo so that the next game will be better. But it would be best if you gave us some feedback to make your game more interesting.

The intrusion about Bonnie Simulator Download will be in this post too. A player could check for more and more help on our page. We hope to have more fun in this horror game. Have fun, player!


By: Egroce @Egroce

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Bonnie Simulator by Egroce


Bonnie Simulator