Bonnet’s Location: Recoded

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This game has already warned the player to consider before downloading and playing it. Bonnet’s Location: Records have strong language remaining in the game. You may be shocked by what you hear and read in the game. This game also has blood and violence contained, so a player may need to be repaired for it.

Bonnet's Location: Recoded Free Download
Bonnet’s Location: Recoded Free Download

FNaF Fan Games make this game better than the old one. You can see it in the gameplay, graphic change, sound improvement, and story have been rewritten. The better experience you will have in this game.

Five Nights at Freddy’s already has its own story and helps this version be more sure. Things you see in games have a machine, but something they do is not normal at all. They want to kill and harm anyone who dares to challenge their power. All you must do is run, hide, and find the way out. All the answers will be in the game, and you need to figure it out.

Bonnet’s Location: Recoded free download, so don’t waste your time. Playing with friends will make this be more fun!

This game is no longer available

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Bonnet’s Location: Recoded


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