Blacklight Nights

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Blacklight Nights free download lets you play against various blacklight animatronics. They are all creepy and will tease you through all nights.

Blacklight Nights

The game was made based on a famous series called Five Nights at Freddy’s by Scott Cawthon. However, it features all new animatronics with different mechanics. Hence, this fan-made title will bring you a new experience that is different from the old games.

Here are several details about the mechanics of animatronics and the ways you do to deal with them:

  • Blacklighht Freddy: You catch sight of him in Cam 1. Then, he will get to Cam 7 or Cam 8. You must close the right door in time. You have to close the opposing door if he is in the form of common Freddy.
  • Blacklight Chica: You see her on Stage 1. Then, she gets to the left door. When she is calm to attack, you will see his eyes in the right door.
  • Blacklight Bonnie: He appears on Stage 1 and then reaches the left door. You also see his eyes in the left door when he is calm to assault. To make him go away, you must close the door.
  • Blacklight Foxy: This animatronic appears on Stage 2 then moves from his stage. He bangs the right door when leaving. You must close the door to make him go.

Try downloading and playing Blacklight Nights then see if you beat all of those animatronics!


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Blacklight Nights

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