Bendy and the Ink Machine

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Bendy and the Ink Machine Free Download bring you the challenges of illusion. When you have this kind of challenge, there will be only a hard way to win this. To know more about this game, please read the post below!

Detail of the game:

This will be the game for people who like the new style of the horror FNAF. The character you see in this game will be different. They will not be Freddy, Foxy, Bonnie, or any other monster.

Bendy and the Ink Machine will bring you some machines that have only been built by black and white color. They might not look that good, but the 3D effect will make you cry. The last game will also make you feel so scared that you have to pause the game.

Joey Drew Studios will be where you fight, and Henry will be your name. There will be five nights for you to win this challenge. So make it quick! Bendy and the Ink Machine Horror will soon come to you in the mobile version too!


by Joey Drew Studios  @JoeyDrewStudios

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Bendy and the Ink Machine

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