Baby’s Nightmare Circus

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Baby’s Nightmare Circus tells you a story like this, and you suddenly have been kidnapped to a mysterious place. Then you wake up and know nothing but the dark place you are in. At first, you see nothing here, but when the night comes, something is moving.

You will have to fight your way to live through five long nights. And if any mistake you make, that will be the end of your gameplay.

In the Five Nights at Freddy’s horror game, the story is a little bit different. You are a night guard for a pizza store. And this store is run by a machine with a unique design. Your job is to make sure nobody gets hurt when you are doing your duty.

And things do not right the way you want them to go. Something is moving at night and trying to get in your office. The story will be written more, and you are the one who continues it.

Baby’s Nightmare Circus free download is now open. Let play and experience more!


By: Mixlas @Mixlas

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Baby’s Nightmare Circus


Baby's Nightmare Circus