Afton INC Free Download

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Your challenge will take place in a dark place. More clearly, it’s a vintage-themed haunted house. Animated Characters in Afton INC. are really creepy. They can ultimately kill you in the most disgusting ways. All you need to do is prepare well for the night shift. They can jump into the room and catch you whenever you are not on guard.

Afton INC Free Download
Afton INC Free Download

You can use what’s available around you to save your life. Besides, you should also use your intelligence to stop the enemy. We encourage you to use all of your survival abilities to survive.

All of your opponents are ripped by a mysterious force, so they are controlled and moved without any rules. Have you ever thought that they are idiots? In fact, they are intelligent robots. They are capable enough to evade your sophisticated surveillance system.

Five Nights at Freddy’s brings endless inspiration to the makers of horror games. Currently, you can get Afton INC. free download now and enjoy it.


By: Silverwolf_wicher @Blake_silverwolf

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Afton INC Free Download


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