A Shadow Over Freddy’s

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A Shadow Over Freddy’s is a black and white game, or we can tell dark is monsters and white is the soul. Take a look carefully because if you skip any detail, it may be the last thing you see in your life.

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This horror game is all about some monsters that have been released from hell. By somehow, they reach the surface and try to hurt people with their claws. There will be a lot of things you can do to stop them but not for long

All you have to do is stay alive until the last night comes. That night, you can find a way to get rid of all these monsters one time for all. Send them back to hell and teach them how powerful you are.

This is a small FNaF game, so players can not ask for many characters in their game. But we will try to bring you more and more character. A Shadow Over Freddy’s Free Download is the first support from us; check out for this help!


By: Phisnom @Phisnom

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A Shadow Over Freddy’s


A Shadow Over Freddy's