Rayman Redemption

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Rayman Redemption is about the adventure of Rayman, a chicken hero who has some unique ability. He will run fast, jump high and then shoot some unique bullets at the enemy.

Rayman Redemption Free Download
Rayman Redemption Free Download

This game will give you more challenges on exploration and adventure. You will have to stay in the story if you want to win this game soon. The environment in this game has been changed, and many details added.

When coming to the game, you will see different backgrounds, and they will change over time. Even when the boss is coming, that background will change too. So you can know when some danger is coming to you. This Fangame is pretty awesome, but you can only play alone. There will be no help for you. You better count on yourself and believe in no one if you want to win this game.

Rayman Redemption Fan Game Free Download will allow you to install it faster on PC. Check for a new update if there is anything wrong with your installation. We will add a further 16 bits game to our page laters.


by: Ryemanni @Ryemanni

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Rayman Redemption

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