The Return To Freddy’s Classic (Android)

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The Return To Freddy’s Classic (Android) is a ported game that is free to download and play. It centers on the encounter between you and Freddy and his friends.

The Return To Freddy's Classic (Android)

About game

After waiting for years, The Return To Freddy’s Classic is ported to Android. In other words, you can download and enjoy the game on your Android device. Besides, you can also download it to your PC.

When you play the game, you will explore a story about a character named Mike Schmidt. He is getting bored with his job and has an intention to quit.

At that time, he had learned about some news in relation to pizza shops. He knew that Everat’s Animatronic had been fixed and could be used again. There was also a pirate fox that the restaurant brought back. People loved to enjoy the performance of the fox.

Then, there was a slaughter at that restaurant, killing four children. One child went missing, and nobody knew the reason. The killer has not been discovered yet.

In spite of that, the pizza restaurant still wanted to relive the performances of the animatronics. The owner wanted to bring laughter and joy to people, especially to the kids. Therefore, he hires Mike Schmidt as a night watchman.

You help your character observe the restaurant at night and make sure it is safe. Try to defend yourself from the animatronics and defeat them to win.

The Return To Freddy’s Classic (Android) Free Download arouses your curiosity about a creepy restaurant. You join it to explore the mysteries.


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The Return To Freddy’s Classic (Android)