Undertale: The Otherground

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Undertale: The Otherground is a cool world, and in this world, you will have your chance to meet some new friends. They will help you to make your way to your home and win this game. You are the only one who can help humanity avoid instinct.

Undertale: The Otherground Free Download
Undertale: The Otherground Free Download

The map of this game will be divided into many areas where you can explore and gather items. You can use these items to help your friend escape from demons and monsters. Those items will also be the key that enables you to stay alive through all the challenges.

Undertale: The Otherground Free Download allows you to play this game for free. Only some characters are free, and the others will be unlocked when you complete a big mission. Each character will have their unique ability. Players can use these skills to defeat monsters and make their way out.

Fan Game Download only supports players to play this game offline. But you can download updates to make your game better and funnier. This is a free game and a new style of 16 bits games.


by: Team Otherground @poody_blue

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Undertale: The Otherground


The Otherground Undertale