Slide in the woods

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Slide in the woods Free Download will send you a new game. And this game will be unique in its own way. Slides in the woods come with dead and dark. Join to know more.

Slide in the woods for PC is a small game, but the features in this game will surprise you.

The story of this game:

There will be no story for this game. All you have will be the nightmare and the slide. The meaning of this slide will be the gate to darkness.

When you play this slide in the morning, nothing will happen. But when you join it in the middle of the night. “Slide in the woods” will send you to a world, and this world seems to be hell.

The only thing you can do is explore this world and try to find your way back home. There will be a slight chance that you will be killed before you can win it.

Slide in the woods Download

Simple but scary is what this game is all about. You will have more chances to fight and explore the game in the next version.

Download for this game is on the main page. Have fun, and come back for more info!


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Slide in the woods