SCP – The Endurance

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SCP – The Endurance will give you a lot of new obstacles, and your job will come over them to win your game. We have added different and unique characters for this game so players can have more thrill feelings. If you want to win your escape chance, you should try all the tips we gave you in this post.

SCP - The Endurance Free Download
SCP – The Endurance Free Download

First, players should take their time watching all the movement in the room. When you get used to monsters’ activation, you can know when to act and when to keep silent. Monsters in this game also come in different shapes, so players will take a lot of time to learn them. Each one will bring players the other fear and extraordinary challenge. This is a good version of the Five Nights at SCP Facility games.

We will give you any help you need in Download SCP – The Endurance. The more you play, the better you will know this horror game. Remember one thing, don’t walk away when you see monsters. Face them to win your life!


by: Elefelen @Elefelen

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SCP – The Endurance


SCP The Endurance