LoveCraft: A Minecraft Visual Novel

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LoveCraft: A Minecraft Visual Novel Free Download Is a simple game. But the gameplay will be hard to win. However, the story of this game is quite simple too. 

The story:

You will be an unknown guy who has been sent to a dark world. This will be the first play I’ve sent you. The next time will be in a different dimension. 

There will be monsters, humans, and some other creatures following you on your journey. To survive, you need to follow an NPC, and it will help you stay alive. 

The features might have:

LoveCraft: A Minecraft Visual Novel is not complete yet. But this game will be a one-person game. There will be no help from other players. 

The world you have to live in will be a horror block world. This world belongs to the MC world. So there will also be some block monsters that appear in your gameplay. 

Minecraft related:

We make this game and base it on the MC world. There will be some details that are based on the MC game. And you will need to learn how to duel with it. This is a big world, and things inside it will not go easy on you. 

LoveCraft Minecraft Download is simple as the way you can update this game. We will bring you more info next week!

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LoveCraft: A Minecraft Visual Novel

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