Hello Neighbor: Hidden Spirits

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Hello Neighbor: Hidden Spirits Free Download is on its way to be complete. You can download this one in the demo version and then have the full one on Fan games.

Hello Neighbor: Hidden Spirits Download is a horror and funny game. You will need to fight with some monsters in this game. And I think that will not be your neighbor.

There will be some secrets you need to explore when coming to this game. Those secrets will relate to the weird sound you hear from your neighbor. Make one wrong move, and you shall pay with all you have.

Hello Neighbor: Hidden Spirits

This game brings you a lot of mini-challenges. Each challenge will allow you to get closer to the truth of this horror house.

This house will belong to your neighbor. They seem to have moved out a long time ago. But there was still some noise in that house at midnight.

To find out what it is, you have no choice but to enter this house. And that is the way Fan games lead you to this game.

The fight will be needed if you want to survive. Listen to the world of nightmare and fear. You might find yourself there.


Upload by: OwentheHawk @OwenCampos

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Hello Neighbor: Hidden Spirits