Gravity Falls: PinesQuest 2D

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Gravity Falls: PinesQuest 2D is a game that is based on the cartoon film Gravity Falls. This game was to take all the characters of that film and make it an even better game. In the game, you will have to explore all the mysteries of your town. You are Mabel or maybe Dipper, two funny kids with a curious mind.

Gravity Falls: PinesQuest 2D Free Download
Gravity Falls: PinesQuest 2D Free Download

There will be an open world where you have to start your adventure. If lucky, you could get some gold and exp to move to the next level. This game will review some new monsters to you, and your job is to defeat them. There is no help in the game, so you have to win it by yourself.

There will be more games like this on the Fan Game Download. Some games will allow you to play online, and others will be run offline. In this game, you can gather more teammates like Soos and Wendy. Gravity Falls: PinesQuest 2D Free Download is free to you. We will help you to play this game as much fun as we can!


by: T.N. Newton @novastarlyght

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Gravity Falls: PinesQuest 2D


Gravity Falls PinesQuest 2D