FNIA: Expanded

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FNIA: Expanded Free Download will send you some machines that are not like other ones you have seen. These machines will belong to fan-made FNAF.

FNIA: Expanded for PC allows the players to have more than one chance to play their game. This version of the game will be free and come along with the anime style.

You can see that these machines will look amazing. They will be sexy, horror, beautiful and scary at the same time. The more you play this game, the better time you will get from it.

FNIA: Expanded

This version of the game doesn’t have that much change. All the features we have will be 5 nights for you to join. And also, there will be an extra night where you have to face more challenges.

In this game, you will be the only thing that is alive. The machines will move, but they are sexy deadly traps. They will come straight to you and end your life in one second.

Before that, they will use their body to make you feel comfortable. This will be their trap, and once you fall inside it, you are sure dead!

FNAF is a free download for PC. And you can also find other adventure, puzzle and board games from this page.


by: Jester07 @Jester07

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FNIA: Expanded