Clickertale (Undertale Clicker)

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Clickertale (Undertale Clicker) is a game that leads you to an open world. You have to find the way back to the human world. That will not be easy, but if you find help in this game, your way will be more comfortable.

Clickertale (Undertale Clicker) Free Download
Clickertale (Undertale Clicker) Free Download

The only help in this adventure game is items and NPC. They will show you some tricks and tips to overcome the fear and win your way to the end. Please make use of them, or you will never get out of this hell.

There will be a lot of characters you can choose from in this game. The main character is Frisk, and he is the first one you can choose. After defeating some boss, you can select another name and make your game funnier. Each character in this Fangame will have some unique skill and ability. Using them will give you a chance to win. But you need to know your character’s weakness and hide it in front of your opponent.

Clickertale (Undertale Clicker) free download is ready!


by: _Vitjok_ @_Vitjok_

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Clickertale (Undertale Clicker)