CHARA: LAST HOPE (Coming Soon)

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Chara: LAST HOPE (Coming Soon) is the newest 16 bits game we have. This game is not completed yet, but it will soon be on our page. We made this game base on the Undertale game. And for anyone who still doesn’t know what this series game is all about.

CHARA: LAST HOPE (Coming Soon) Free Download
CHARA: LAST HOPE (Coming Soon) Free Download

It is a long journey from the beginning of the dark world. Somehow the god of hell has taken over the earth and started to rip your soul from your body. You have to save yourself and also your family. And how are you going to do that?

Players need to discover the dark side of the world to find the best way to save the earth. It will not be easy, and maybe you can do it with some help from your friends. Fan Game Download brings you more fun when downloading free games and trying them on PC. There will be some updates you need to take to enjoy the game.

Chara: LAST HOPE (Coming Soon) Free Download is the straightforward step. Download it now!


by: mobb @mobbu

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CHARA: LAST HOPE (Coming Soon)