Those Nights at Rachel’s APK for Android

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Play Those Nights at Rachel’s APK for Android, an FNAF-based game, and try to survive until your challenge ends! It’s free to download and enjoy!

Those Nights at Rachel’s APK for Android download free

About Those Nights at Rachel’s APK on Android

It’s a horror-action FNAF fangame set in a local restaurant called Doug’s n’ Rachel’s. In which, you will start a new part-time job as a night-guard.

Those Nights at Rachel’s is known as a tribute game for the canceled Those Nights at Fredbear’s. Both of them are inspired by the Five Nights at Freddy’s series of Scott Cawthon.

There is a strange cast, a newer setting, custom mechanics, and lore that you have never heard of before. Similar to FNAF: Sister Location, you can partially wander.

How to experience

While protecting the building, you can get into trouble with animatronic mascots there. They are the enemy that you must prevent from catching you. Otherwise, you will be killed.

From the office and via security cameras, you are able to see that they are roaming. Even, they are finding every way to approach your room.

Those Nights at Rachel’s APK is a scary FNAF game available to download for Android. Hop into the adventure and see if how long you can survive!


by: Nikson. @Nikson_Official

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Those Nights at Rachel’s APK for Android


Rachel's Those Nights

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