Mod FNAF for MCPE APK for Android

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Mod FNAF for MCPE APK is a plugin that brings electronic animations from Five night at Freddy’s into Minecraft Pocket Edition. In other words, it is also an addon that carries animation in the game. That is why you absolutely should not ignore this add-on for your Android device.

Mod FNAF for Minecraft PE - 5 Nights at Freddy's APK download
Mod FNAF for Minecraft PE – 5 Nights at Freddy’s

About Mod FNAF for MCPE APK for Android

In fact, thanks to this addon, you can tame animations and keep them as your pet or for combat purposes. Most animatronics are great companions and can join the fight at any time. And another pretty cool thing is that this app also includes a sister location resource pack for Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Manipulating using this mod is not too difficult. The animatronics replace villagers and they can be found spawning in villages. Most of them will only attack the player if they are attacked first. In addition, this addon also provides five different resource packs to choose from. Thanks to this feature, you can make options based on the character you want in your game.

Mod FNAF for MCPE APK certainly helps you to enhance your experiences when playing the game. That is the reason why this addon is really worth it for you to use on your Android device in the future.


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Mod FNAF for MCPE APK for Android

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