Teddy Freddy APK for Android

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Teddy Freddy APK for Android Free Download is for mobile. This Teddy Freddy APK game will allow you to have more fun than other games can give you. Free and scary!

Teddy Freddy APK for Android is fun for you. The more you play, the bigger chance for you to have your first victory from this adventure.

The game will challenge you with a horror fight. In this fight, you will need to kill some machines to make your way to winning.

Teddy Freddy APK

You will be the nightguard of this place. The only thing you need to do is stay alive as long as you can. The machines will try to make their way to your site. Use the electric door to stop them from the office.

New things for players:

  • This game will give you a lot of new things to explore. The first thing will be the new model. You can participate in the Basic mode, joining the story and learning more about the machine.
  • Teddy Freddy Horror Quest will lead you to a whole new level of the game. Each time you play this game, you will need to jump in some quests. They all will let you know more about the game and then challenge you with missions.
  • The new features of this game will be free for you. Downloading them on the main menu will be your job.
  • This game will have a leaderboard for you to get on. This board will come with some conditions. When you get to the high position of this board you will be allowed to have some prize.

Teddy Freddy APK Download is complete. You can download this game along with its update.

If you need more info for this game, you can come with us on the main game page. Have your seat and enjoy!


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Teddy Freddy APK for Android