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Thirty-two years after the incident, an indie entertainment company began a mission to solve mysteries and revive Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Halloween. They will open a horror attraction called “Fazbear’s” Fright “. There will be ancient forgotten items in this place that was once very famous, creating childhood memories among many people.

This time, they go everywhere to find more items for their attractions. An abandoned factory will be the first target. In particular, that’s where Jolly Entertainment used to be! They hope to find clues to solving mysteries once and for all.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 1 Android APK Free Download includes two types of characters. They are Animatronics and Humans. Withered Jolly, Withered George, Metal Bonnie, Withered Maxie, Withered Tweetie, Metal Chica, Metal Foxy, Antonette, Metal Freddy are animatronics. Humans include The Protagonist, Theo, Cassette Guy. A lot of diverse characters will make the game richer and attractive.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 1 Android APK and many other FNaF APK to discover fantastic things. Surely you will have a lot of fun when you experience them yourself!

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Chapter 1 JOLLY 3