FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 APK for Android Free Download is about you and William Afton. This guy killed a lot of kids and still one more. Stop him in FNAF for Android!

FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 APK for Android will allow you to meet a demon. And this one will make the biggest nightmare ever in your life.

Afton will be the one who brings you the fear and also the nightmare. You will need to find out how to stop him or more kids, and people will die.

Malware and blood of kids:

This guy built a store for kids, and when these kids come to his place, they will be treated well.

But when they lose all their mind in candy and toys, the real play begins. Afton will send some machines that have been made by his own hand and then watch them kill these kids.

FNAF: Killer in Purple 2 APK for Android will show you the actual demon that lives among us. You will never know what will happen if these monsters find you. But if you don’t stop him, more people will die.

Download FNAF for Android: There will be an instruction for you on the main page. Have fun and enjoy this game.


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