Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 (Non-Canon) APK For Android

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Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 (Non-Canon) APK For Android Free Download is the third and last game in the Five Nights with Mac Tonight series. The game occurs on the McBarge (A McDonald’s ship) Mac lies.

Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 (Non-Canon)

In the game, you are provided three various ways for defense so as to combat the animatronic monsters. Your initial defense is at of water, you are stuck internally an abandoned boat thus you could make use of the leaking pipes.

The phone “TheNextGenius” informs you that the animatronics are not strong to water. Besides, you get a floodlight for Uncle O’Grimacey and the vents for Hamburglar. On account of being the third game, it occurs in a replaced universe that means it is entirely different from the former two.


In 2015, a team has intended to rebuild a forgotten McDonald’s store, called the Friendship 500, and convert it into a Deep Discovery Centre. Nonetheless, from gangs breaking into the Friendship 500 overnights and destroying it with graffiti and more than that, they decided to hire a security guard to work on the night-shift to assure no one enters, and you will play that role. Yet, while your initial night, something goes wrong.


  • Mac Tonight
  • Hamburglar
  • Captain Crook
  • Uncle O’Grimacey
  • Mayor McCheese
  • Corrupt (Shadow of Mac Tonight)


Something in terms of Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 (Non-Canon) APK for Android is shown above. This is the final game of this series since there is no signal that the fourth one will be launched. However, Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 is still the outstanding game that the faithful of Five Nights at Freddy’s should try.


by: Malrat_ @Malrat_

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Five Nights with Mac Tonight 3 (Non-Canon) APK For Android