Five Nights of Impostors APK For Android

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Five Nights of Impostors APK For Android free download is done for PC and mobile users. This version of the game will bring you four monsters to fight with. And they have a unique outlook.

Five Nights of Impostors

How to play:

You will be the security of this game, and your job is to stay alive. Players will have many cameras to use. These tools will be the only things for you to know where the monster will be. You can control some doors and use them to lead the monsters away from you.

FNaF Fan Game Android four monsters:

  • Yellow: This one will have an alien that stays inside its body. You will try your best to kill this one.
  • Pink: You can not stay away from all the eyes of this one. He can see you even when you remain in the dark.
  • Red: He has a Razor, and that will be the killing tool.
  • Green: These are the last monsters you want to face when the night comes.

Five Nights of Impostors APK for Android is free open on the main website.


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Five Nights of Impostors APK For Android