Five Nights at Pizzeria APK for Android

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Five Nights at Pizzeria APK for Android Free Download is a simple game for horror players. Five Nights at Pizzeria APK will work on PC, mobile, and also on your tablet.

Five Nights at Pizzeria APK for Android will be a good game for your new experience in horror. This game will allow you and another player to join a big horror night.

On that night, you will need to fight to keep your soul inside your body. There will be some monster trying to take that soul out of you.

Five Nights at Pizzeria APK

Let’s talk about the story of this game. You need some money for your living. Right now, you have a debt that you can not handle. But luckily you found a job as a nightguard at a restaurant.

This job seems to be simple and easy for you. All you need to do will be to find the machines in this place and take care of them.

The owner of this restaurant needs you to fix their machines. And you have to stay here for five nights. All the night will come with puppet machines. That will be your biggest enemy after your nightmare.

Some tips you can use:

To win this game first, you will need to know where all the items this game gives you.

These items will be needed for you to fight with machines. These items could be hidden in the rooms. Or you can find them in the office.

Sound will be the only thing that lets you know when the monster comes to you. They make sounds when they move.

Five Nights at Pizzeria APK Download allows you to make this game better. Download updates can fix all the bugs and also give you more fun things to play.


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Five Nights at Pizzeria APK for Android